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HL held the climbing competition for female employees to celebrate Women';s Day

   On the morning of March 8th, HL held the climbing competition for Women's Day. At 2:30 PM, more than 170 female workers from all units gathered at the foot of Nan Guo Temple under the leading of their leaders. They were all vigorous and ready to go, and rushed out of the starting point when they heard the starting instruction. They vigorously ran, struggled forward and rushed straight to the end. The staff along the way also shook their flags and cheered for them. They reached the end only in more than 10 minutes.

   After fierce competition, grinding plant worker Wang Haiyan   won the first prize. Zhao Caiyun from international business department and Hong Xiaxia from grinding plant won the second prize. Cai Meihong from staff hospital, Wang Min from the R&D center, and Wang Lifang from grinding plant won the third prize. Subsequently, all participants joined the lucky draw.

  After the joyful lucky draw event, president He Kehong, party committee secretary, deputy general manager Zhang Yuesheng, general manager Bao Guangli, secretary of the disciplinary committee, chairman of the Labor Union Su Xiaoping, and deputy general manager Yang Liping awarded prizes to the winners respectively.

   On behalf of the team, president He Kehong gave a festive greeting to the female employees who fought in various positions in the company. He said that in recent years, the company's female employees have been self-reliant, motivated, dedication, and innovative in various positions, and have achieved outstanding results, playing a role of "half the sky" for the promotion and progress of the company's production and management. He hopes that the female workers, with full enthusiasm and persistent pursuit, make persistent efforts to contribute to the creation of a beautiful HL .

   Finally, HL’s leaders and all team leaders took photos with participants.

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